IBM Websphere Commerce "B2B Solution" "mobile app" "B2C Solution"

IBM Commerce on Cloud and Apple Pay on the web

Secure One-touch Checkout

With IBM and Apple Pay on the web, your customers now have an easy and secure way to accept and process payments—at the touch of a finger.


Omnichannel eCommerce solution

IBM WebSphere Commerce has been developed exclusively for omnichannel business, and it is back end system independent.

Here’s How It Works

The solution operates according to customer needs as opposed to an ERP system’s needs, which means that the focus is on best practices and functionality, helping you to create the best customer experience possible.

IBM WebSphere Commerce is the most popular commerce solution in the online retailers’ TOP500 (Internet Retailer TOP500, 2013). It has also been ranked as the best commerce platform by the leading analysts’ (Forrester, Gartner) listings for several consecutive years.

Five advantages:

  1. Turn your sales volumes up.Take advantage of the best practices developed with the world’s biggest and most successful online stores.
  2. Improve customer experience.The solution enables you to personalize the content and product portfolio individually for each customer. Identify your customers and provide them with personalized up-to-date content and services.
  3. Interact with customers.React and meet the needs of your customers in real-time via customer service or chat solutions, for example.
  4. Combine your brick-and-mortar store and digital channels.Remove overlaps, get rid of points of discontinuity, and make sure that the same sales support and customer service information is available on all channels.
  5. Support and develop your business.This solution is designed for the needs of businesses. The main tools provide opportunities for commerce, content creation, and customer service.


Turn your sales volumes up

Improve customer experience

Interact with customers

Combine your brick-and-mortar store and digital channels

office space, Tax, service and rest all on us

Support and develop your business

office space, Tax, service and rest all on us